December 30, 2008

Winter fog

I used to have a Kiev 88CM MLU (a reworked and upgraded version of the notorious Ukrainian Hasselblad 1000 copy). I learned to like the square format after a while but I guess the most alround proportions for my kind of photography is slightly rectangular such as 4:5 or 6:7.
Adverse weather usually makes for interesting photographs. Is there anyone who can say that Ansel Adams a winter storm isn't interesting for a landscape shot? This is a cold winter morning (about -13 degrees centigrade) by the lake I grew up by. A couple of shots later the high relative humidity made my Kiev freeze. I am not sure whether it was the trigger or the cloth curtain but after a couple of minutes in room temperature it was fit for fight again. About a year later I sold this camera to buy me a rangfinder. Sometimes I miss a medium format camera.
This is an almost straight, slightly selenium toned print from that day.

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