December 31, 2008

Midsommer morning mist

Here is another photo taken almost at the same location as the Winter fog photo but facing the other direction (and at another time of year, obviously). I was awaken early this morning by some birds outside my window and emediately grabbed my 35mm camera when I noticed the heavy morning mist. In order to capture the calm of the moment I wanted the motif to only cover a small part of the frame and let the mirror of the lake and mist become a large comfortable void in the picture. When looking through the viewfinder i realized that I needed something of weight in the lower left to counter balance the land in the upper right in order not to get the feeling that the picture was about to tip over. By turning the polarizer perpendicular to the water surface I did what I could to eliminate the reflection in the water nearby in order to let the rocks and pebbles in the shallow show. In my opinion it was just enough to turn the bottom of the picture sufficiently dark to make it bottom heavy. Still being able to see the shallow lake bottom reduced the feeling of a threatening darkness of the water and keeping the overall calm feeling. The film used was my favorite color slide film, Fuji Provia 100F.

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